Food Plant Engineering

Food Safety facility design-build is the prerequisite concern for all SQF (Safe Quality Food) manufacturers. The SQF Codes are site-specific, considering each process and product individually for certification standards with an emphasis on the systematic application of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) principles for the elimination of food safety hazards. The design-build of an SQF facility protects company-branded products and mitigates the buyer’s risk for food safety when supplying local and global food markets. 

Products produced and manufactured under SQF Code certification are highly sought after in competitive markets.
Design-building a food safe environment is a prerequisite to food production. Every aspect of the design must be accounted for. B-A-S-E Design-Build Group evaluates every aspect of a facility design from material flow, to welfare areas, traffic direction from raw to processed areas, and ensures the ability to maintain environmental hygiene and quality assurance standards in order to eliminate food safety risks to valuable brands.

The primary purpose of a SQF design-build facility is the elimination of food safety hazards from any biological, chemical, or physical contamination. Every aspect of a food production facility must exceed the conditions of the following three elements of a Quality Assurance Plan; current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point plans (HACCP plans). B-A-S-E Design-Build Group utilizes food industry engineering expertise to plan and deliver solutions to food processors.

The B-A-S-E of every food safety plan is the facility layout and design. Without the proper design-built facility, every system of food safety fails. Our people are our difference. We specialize in food production facilities and understand the level of risk that comes with every process. Let us help you deliver Safe Quality Foods to your people.